Here you can find a list of some of my past projects


    • Fsb-Tjelesni

      Merged into FSB-Online .  This was very basic app, used to display a generated QR code used to track attendance at university sport trainings.

    • Fsb- Online

      Personal project, A app for tracking news updates from the Faculty website
      Google play

    • MyFood

      Personal project, A food aditive identifier, translated into German,English,Croatian and French.
      Google play

    • RentMe

      Freelance project- A internal inventory tracking application.
      Offers a simple and effective way to track payments,rent locations and clients.

    • ZagPort

      Personal project, Project on hold – Scrapping the Zagreb airport website and displaying flight information in the app , offers infos about zagreb ,exchange rate, taxi calling .

    • ScCheck

      Personal project,Project on hold – A web scrapper that gathers work offers for student. Works as a 2 part sistem , a python Flask bases web service/API scraps multiple websites and stores the job posts in a Sqlite database . The mobile app displays the results.

    • BluePos

      Bluetooth point of sale and ticketing sistem for a boat ferry company       Google play

    • Phonetic Chart

      Freelance project , a simple app that plays back phonetics sounds.                  Google play

    • Quizy

      Personal project, Speed coding challange, code any kind of game in less than 60 minutes (published version was updated for bugfixes)
      Google play

    • Genijalac (Genius)

      Personal project in construction , A quiz ,same idea as TriviaCrack and Quizup but only in Croatian.
      Google play

    • Jagoda (Strawberry)

      Simple app for managing everything from growing to harvesting and selling strawberrys ,utilising firebase to keep all devices synced.

    • Scanner-in work

      An inventory management app for scanning barcodes and comunicating with a flask-python backend

    • RateMe (OcjeniMe)

      A feedback and rating app for students to anonymously rate teachers and give feedback

    • PyPing

      Simple python code to “prove internet downtime” to Isp

    • HighHorse

      Simple flappy birds clone with libgdx, just because